Client Services

Our mission is to work as a trusted advisor in the attainment of your financial goals. Since we came together to create Rock Point Advisors in 2004, we have worked to accomplish this mission by communicating well and by making sound investment decisions. We share our outlook and strategy with you via commentary, reports and phone or email exchanges.

In our initial discussions and during subsequent meetings, we review your risk tolerance and goals, and mutually set investment policy. With policy and objectives in place, we manage your investments using the authority you have granted us to buy and sell in your account. Our investment committee researches, selects and monitors stocks, bonds and other publicly-traded securities for your portfolio.

The Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

The IPS is created with your input. This document describes your investment goals, as well as our strategy to meet them. It outlines your risk tolerance, liquidity requirements and other pertinent financial planning issues.

We review and update your IPS regularly (typically once a year, or as your circumstances change). It is important that we be informed of any developments that may impact your cash needs or risk preferences, allowing us to update your IPS and make any necessary adjustments to your portfolio. You may request a review of your IPS at any time.

Rock Point Advisors and Your Custodian/Broker

As your investment advisor, Rock Point Advisors is your primary contact for most actions relating to your account. In your brokerage account application, you instruct the broker/custodian to work with us in specific ways for your benefit.

We generally use the term custodian rather than broker, because you hire them to hold (custody) the assets in your accounts. We work with them to execute trades and upon your request, we can help facilitate moving funds for you. The account is held in your name; you have the power to direct these and other actions directly with your custodian, although this would circumvent your relationship with Rock Point Advisors, and may cause confusion.

It is your responsibility to choose a custodian from among those with whom Rock Point Advisors maintains a relationship. Rock Point Advisors chooses to work with a limited number of custodians because it allows us to build solid working relationships with these firms, which in turn, helps us serve you better. In some instances, a strong relationship with the custodian has enabled us to handle urgent and/or complicated situations with superior service.

Custodians generally charge a fee for each account transaction. The custodian provides documentation of the investment activities in your accounts, such as statements, trade confirmations, and end-of-year reports, including 1099’s. These may be provided in paper or in electronic form. Your adoption of electronic statements and confirmations may result in lower transaction fees. We can help you set this up.


We prefer to provide confidential communication electronically through the “document vault” on our website – We feel that this is more secure, more efficient and is respectful of our environment. We maintain important documents such as current and past reports online. Clients can log in to gain access, view and print these documents at any time. Please contact us if you require paper communications via regular US Mail.

Rock Point Advisors emphasizes two goals in its outgoing communications. First, we want you to know what we’re thinking, as it facilitates further discussion. Second, we wish to provide you with clear and informative reports. In addition to the regular communications and statements detailed below, we are always available to speak with clients by telephone, e-mail or at meetings.

  • Quarterly Reports – Delivered in January, April, July, and October. These reports include an appraisal of the portfolio, market commentary, cost basis, stock descriptions, performance figures, a list of purchase and sales for the quarter, and our bill for the coming quarter.
  • Commentary – Rock Point Advisors posts a regular blog entry with thoughts and comments on the market and related topics. This service is only available by email or can be viewed on our website.
  • Realized Gains and Losses – At your request, we can provide a report of realized gains and losses on taxable accounts. With your instruction, we can share the report with your tax preparers.


We expect to meet with you to review your portfolio once per year, or as necessary to review investment objectives.  If you are not able to visit our offices, we will come to you or schedule a meeting by phone.  At or prior to the meeting, we will provide a copy of your IPS for review.

Our Management Fees

Rock Point Advisors’ management fee is calculated according to a graduated schedule.  Related accounts are combined for the purpose of calculating an average fee level that is applied to each account in the group.

Payment is divided into quarterly installments and is based on the market value of the assets at the beginning of each calendar quarter.  A billing statement is presented with the quarterly performance report.

Clients can choose to allow Rock Point Advisors to deduct fees from each account as a convenience to both Rock Point Advisors and client.  Alternatively, fees may be paid by check.

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