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Rock Point Advisors is a wealth advisory firm focused on helping clients make sound financial decisions and take advantage of the benefits of long-term investing. We are dedicated to managing portfolios in the context of plans carefully developed with our clients.

Since our founding in 2004, our financial planning and investment management efforts have been guided by our fiduciary duty to our clients and our belief that doing what’s right matters. We work hard to deliver practical advice and responsible investing to help clients achieve their goals.

Latest Insights:

Quarterly Commentary
(2Q 2024)

US stock indexes advanced 3.2% in Q2, again led by large technology names even as most stocks declined. Since their abysmal performance in 2022, a handful of the tech giants have ridden the AI wave and accounted for more than one-half of gains in the major US stock benchmarks.

Quarterly Commentary
(1Q 2024)

The first three months of the new year proved to be an extension of 2023 – large technology stocks leading the way with some sizzle provided by companies tied to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and bouts of interest rate volatility keeping markets on edge. Economic data continued to surpass consensus expectations with some experts now suggesting that the US economy might sail past a hard or even a soft landing without a pause – a prospect on no one’s radar until recently.

Peering into a Tax Sunset
(February 2, 2024)

It’s a new year! Though not as newsworthy as geopolitics, the presidential election, or the eclipse, the sunset of many favorable tax provisions upon the close of 2025 is a topic worthy of your review now.